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A gorgeous floral blend with a smooth, creamy finish complement this decadent tea. It’s there to energize you for a nice long walk or that crossfit class you’ve been dying to check out.

Made for those with their Sun in Aries. Or anytime you need to invoke a little Aries energy into your life.

Bring Back Balance - Saffron works to detoxify your system. It also helps you better absorb nutrients so you can keep your fire going.

Smell the Roses - Relax! Roses are soothing for those times you’re feeling TOO fiery.

🌿Black Tea

Meditation Question we believe in the tea break as a ritual. Steeping a cup and slowing yourself down can be the perfect exercise in mindfulness. If you want a helping hand, we include a leading meditation question to help you target insights about yourself, your needs, and your internal balance.

Horoscope every tea comes with insights about your sign – what it means for you, and why we’ve chosen this particular blend to bring you strength and balance.

Unique Blends every one of our flavours was carefully created and deliberately balanced by Priya herself, drawing on generations of accrued understanding of tea blends and astrological practice.

Loose-leaf Strainer  not sure if someone has a tea strainer at home? we got you covered, each gift package includes a personal tea cup loose-leaf strainer that fits across any mug you have at home!

Recipes use the QR code found on our post-card inside to gain access to our exclusive recipes and tips for making authentic chai at home and bringing out the best in the ingredients!


All Blends are Inclusive to everyone!

Each Tea is inspired by a Zodiac Sign, but we encourage everyone looking to achieve balance and harmony in their lives to find the blend they feel most connected to!

Choose based on flavor!

Choose your Sun Sign!

Moon Sign!

Rising Sign!

With a blend for each aspect, you have the most flexibility to handle all your different needs!

Our teas are sourced from the lush and refreshing tea gardens of Assam which focuses on enhancing the livelihood of the farmers.

The teas have a rich aroma and taste which compliments the different spices, flowers and herbs.

Priya drew on the generations of familial wisdom passed down to her.

Using Astrological principles to combine ayurvedic healing spices she brings the stars and leaves together in every cup.


We have provided a beautiful gift packaging for each tea tin so that your recipient has everything they need to enjoy our tea!

And there is no visible price on the package :)

The Tea tin is just under 4 inches tall, and 3 inches wide!

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