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Our exotic teas are a creative mix of the freshest ingredients. We blend spices, flowers, and herbs with teas sourced from some of the best tea plantations of India. We do not use any artificial flavors, syrups or oils. Our teas are sourced from  Assam, located in the north-east of India. It’s tea-plantations are along the Brahmaputra, India’s largest river and also borders the Himalayas and the Deccan plateau. The valley is fertile and offers rich loamy soil to the region, creating the perfect natural setting for the production of tea. The teas are mixed with  fresh organic spices.

Growing up in a multi-generational family in India with access to family-owned tea estates, I (Priya) learned about the different styles of tea-making from my mom and grandmother. They would hand-craft different tea blends of the sweet, savory, and nutty spices for each occasion. Even the humble daily tea in my house would not be the same everyday, spiced sometimes with holy basil or cardamom, ginger, and clove - all producing an abundance of flavor, aroma, and health benefits. The practice of ayurveda and yoga at home helped me understand the complex relationship of food, mind, and body.

Our History

The traditional tea is centuries old and woven into the fabric of Indian culture. Tea is consumed in small tea cups throughout the day. Guests are always offered chai. When conversations happens over tea, minutes turn into hours and strangers turn into friends.

Astrology is an even older tradition in India, dating back to 5000BC. A kundali (astronomical chart) is created soon after birth, auspicious dates are picked for marriages and entering a new house based on the alignment of stars. Personally, I am fascinated by how accurately the zodiac signs capture my inner self and of those around me. Our zodiac signs help us get to know ourselves better and it is my aim to discover the right tea which can take us into a state of mindfulness.

Twelve years ago I immigrated from India to the United States with my husband and after living and working on the east coast for many years we have now settled down in Seattle, Washington.  Here we are building our home and our community, enriching the lives of our whole family including our two lovely daughters! Tea began as a way for us to meet the community around us, now one of my neighbors who I met over a cup of chai has become not only one of my closest friends, but my business partner who helped make Priya's Teas all possible!  We are a small company (3 people) full of family and love for chai, our passion is to bring the magic we have experience to all of you! 



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